Couples Counseling

When God is the rock-solid foundation of your relationship, you can better weather the storms of life together. At Redding Christian Counseling in California, we want to see your relationship flourish. We know that life throws obstacles at you that affect couples. Whether your relationship has taken hits from substance abuse, infidelity, sexual addiction, or past trauma, we can help you navigate the issue and discover a path forward.

Couples need a way to communicate without fear. We will work with you and your significant other to break down barriers and communicate needs effectively. With couples counseling, we can help you unearth the psychological or emotional root cause of problems in your relationship. By constructively working through these issues with support and grace, your relationship has a chance to heal and grow.

We focus on therapies that reframe your thoughts and emotional responses. Depending on your relationship, we may need to delve a little deeper into the past, help you rebuild intimacy, or encourage you to express your fears and desires to your partner. We personalize your couples’ therapy to your unique situation.

At Redding Christian Counseling in California, we have treated couples who need:

  • Help breaking down barriers and asserting roles in the relationship

  • Healing from destructive behaviors or past trauma and abuse

  • To recover the relationship after infidelity

  • To take financial responsibility and stop poor money behaviors such as gambling

  • To uncover why a partner in the relationship is sabotaging the union

  • To strengthen the relationship with God at the center

If you feel your relationship needs some help, contact our professionals at Redding Christian Counseling. We can set up an appointment for an in-person consultation. We also offer online support when needed. We want to see your relationship thrive with Jesus Christ as the foundation.

You will learn to discuss issues productively and uncover possible problems that will affect your relationship. We combine psychological science with faith-based counseling to help our clients identify thoughts and responses that may not benefit the relationship. With premarital counseling, the two of you will learn how to share openly and honestly while also keeping your words and behaviors respectful and honorable.

The couples who visit us at Redding Christian Counseling work on:

  • Communication

  • Asserting roles regarding financial responsibilities and housework

  • Intimacy

  • Childhood issues that may present a problem in the future

  • Past trauma or abuse

  • Goals for the relationship

  • Parenting goals

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Working to resolve conflicts without hurting each other

  • Spiritual goals as a couple

Consider premarital counseling as a healthy life map for your marriage with Jesus Christ as your compass. If there are areas in your relationship that you are unsure about, now is the time to address those issues in a safe and secure setting. We are available for face-to-face consultations and online support.