Marriage Counseling

At Redding Christian Counseling in California, we strive to heal marriages from past and present hurts, viewing each person as God created them. God chose the union of marriage to bless and protect His children. However, as human beings, we are given free will. At times, this can result in behaviors that are less than desirable in a successful marriage.

We know that God has given us the gift of grace through His Son, Jesus Christ. This grace extends to our spouses. Everyone’s situation is different, and no two marriages are alike, but we can learn how to communicate our needs and desires efficiently for a fulfilling partnership.

Marriage counseling helps to open the lines of communication and rebuild trust. Working as a unified couple, you and your spouse will set goals, whether these are financial or intimacy goals. Counseling provides a safe space to make your wants known without fear or judgment. You will learn communication techniques, patience, and grace that you can practice at home.

Many couples turn to marriage counseling for:

  • Healing after infidelity or sexual addiction
  • Discovering the root cause of behaviors
  • Dealing with past trauma or abuse
  • Learning new ways of making an argument effective
  • Regaining intimacy after the birth of a baby
  • Taking financial responsibility as a couple
  • Setting goals for the future
  • Creating boundaries with children and extended family
  • Overcoming obstacles together
  • Renewing your spiritual life with your spouse by your side

If you are struggling in your marriage, your marriage has been rocked by infidelity, you can no longer envision a future with your spouse, or just want to learn how to communicate productively, Redding Christian Counseling can help. We offer face-to-face sessions as well as online counseling services. You can trust us to keep each session private and confidential.